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Excellence in amateur baseball since 1960

Established in 1960, the Cranberry Baseball League (CBL) has been a prominent platform for top-notch amateur, collegiate, and former professional ballplayers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Celebrating its 65th season in 2024, the CBL has consistently showcased exceptional talent since its inception. Founded by the late Connie Spillane, the CBL owes its origins to a visionary who dedicated over 70 years to fostering amateur baseball in the region.

League Administrators

Nate Charette
PJ Thompson
Vice President
Andrew Poliferno
Joe Peters
Webmaster/Umpire In Chief

Our Bylaws

Explore the rules and regulations governing the Cranberry Baseball League. From player eligibility to game conduct, our bylaws ensure fair play and sportsmanship.

  • Article I - Name & Purpose
  • Article II - Membership
  • Article III - Officers
  • Article IV - Voting Privileges and Procedures
  • Article V - Dues
  • Article VI - Schedule
  • Article VII - Team Rosters and Player Eligibility
  • Article VIII - Post-Season Format
  • Article IX - League Standings
  • Article X - The Cranberry Baseball League Rules
  • Article XI - Equipment
  • Article XII - Adoption of Bylaws
  • Appendix A - Tiebreakers