The Braintree White Sox have once again solidified their reign over the Cranberry Baseball League, clinching an unprecedented seventh consecutive championship title.

Their latest triumph came in a finals showdown against the No. 3-seeded Canton A's, where they emerged victorious following a commanding 3-0 win.

The championship game witnessed a tense battle, with both teams holding each other scoreless through five innings. In the bottom of the sixth, Ryan Sorgi would break the 0-0 deadlock with a clutch hit that drove in two runs and swung the momentum firmly in Braintree's favor.

However, it wasn't just Sorgi's heroics that helped propel the White Sox to victory. Co-pitcher of the Year, Chase Cahill, delivered a masterclass performance on the mound, orchestrating a complete game shutout to stifle the opposition and secure another championship for Braintree.

The 2023 champs finished the postseason with a perfect 5-0 record, going undefeated in the playoffs for a third straight year. Their last postseason defeat dates all the way back to August 18, 2020.

Congratulations to the Braintree White Sox on winning the 2023 championship and continuing to solidify their place in the CBL as a true baseball dynasty.