The 2023 CBL postseason kicked off on Sunday, July 23, with the excitement palpable as the top eight teams vied for the ultimate prize of being crowned 2023 CBL champions.

The opening games saw the top-seeded White Sox narrowly edging out the No. 8-seeded Stripers in a tense 5-4 extra-innings victory. Meanwhile, the 7th-seeded Mariners stunned the 2nd-seeded Hurricanes with a 3-2 upset win, shaking up early expectations.

As the postseason progressed, the competition intensified as the White Sox continued their dominant form, securing a hard-fought 6-4 win over the 4th-seeded Panthers. The momentum was building, and Braintree's aspirations for the championship were becoming increasingly evident.

However, the road to glory was not without its challenges. Tuesday, August 1, witnessed a clash of titans as the White Sox faced off against the No. 3-seeded Canton A's. In a testament to their skill and resilience, the White Sox emerged victorious, maintaining their undefeated playoff streak and solidifying their status as formidable title contenders.

The drama continued to unfold on Thursday, August 3, as the A's secured their place in the championship showdown by defeating the Hurricanes, while the White Sox eliminated the Mariners, setting the stage for an epic finale.

Finally, on Sunday, August 6, the No. 1-seeded White Sox and the No. 3-seeded A's battled for the CBL title. In a display of grit, the White Sox emerged triumphant with a commanding 3-0 victory, clinching the coveted 2023 championship title and etching their name into CBL history with their seventh straight championship.